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i bought a program online. the instructions said to download but do not install on computer. plug phone into computer then download and install onto phone. for that to happen it said file has to be converted from jar.file to apk.file. how do i do that ???

more WhatsApp now supports Text Formatting, UI Modifications, and PDF files sharing

However, WhatsApp will automatically convert the files into PDF to enhance security ... interested users can however download the APK file here.

more Good e-Reader APK To BAR Converter is Available Once Again

If you own a Blackberry Playbook or a Blackberry 10 enabled device, I have some good news. The Good e-Reader APK to BAR converter tool is now available once again. This free online software allows anyone to convert an Android file to a BAR file. We first ...

more WhatsApp now lets you format text in Bold and Italics

interested users can however download the APK file here. WhatsApp as of late began giving us a chance to send and get pdf documents over visits. From the Google Drive can be sent also Docs, Sheets, and Slides files, but WhatsApp will automatically convert ...

more APK to BAR

Welcome to the Good e-Reader APK to BAR converter! This new service allows you to easily convert Android Files to the Playbook and BB10 friendly BAR file. When you convert an APK you download from another app store or a website, you can convert it using ...

more Can you download Android APK Files to Panasonic Smart TV?

Also, if not APK, what type of app files work on Panasonic? Perhaps I can convert the APK file to a Panasonic Smart TV app. Anyway, I hope someone can help me! Thanks a lot if you can! Smart TVs usually have their own OS so you can't use any apps not ...

more BBHTool Updated to v2.4.9.4 – OS 7.1 Compatibility, Android APK Converter

If you want to get the most out of your BlackBerry and more importantly its OS, then look no further than BBHTool. Created by @theiexplorers, apart of BBH-Plus, they’ve... If you want to get the most out of your BlackBerry and more importantly its OS ...

more swf to apk online converter

hey i have a web application which converts swf to apk. the basic working of that web app is pulling the swf inside a adobe flash player and make a swf game work on android device. it is working so far but it is not working on android devices on top level ...

more apk converter

Root your Android device in few simple steps. Convert video and YouTube to AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MP3, burn video to DVD movie. Play video and audio files, convert to other file formats, burn CDs, download Youtube video.

more How To Run Android Apps Inside Chrome On Any Operating System

These methods are also under active development, so if you’re reading this later, there may be even easier ways that have been developed to convert them. For the sake of completeness, we’ll go over how to install the chromeos-apk tool, as well as how ...

more Installing Android apps on Chromebooks made easier by Chrome APK Packager tool

But if you want to try apps that don’t yet officially support Chrome OS you can convert just about any Android app into something that’ll run in Chrome using the unofficial ChromeOS-APK tools. You can even run Android apps on a Windows, OS X ...

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